Tuck & Patti are available for teaching, consulting, producing, recording, and mixing. Below you will find more information on the services we provide. Contact us today at!

+ Voice Lessons

I believe that good technique is essential to expression. At the same time, I realize that every singer has a unique instrument, and I am committed to helping you navigate the path to finding your own voice, in an atmosphere of trust, support and honesty, while never forgetting that this is supposed to be fun!

Together we will explore: The physical mechanics of singing, warming up, breath control, intonation, increasing your pitch, dynamic and expressive ranges, effective practice, vocal health, the song, the melody, the harmony, the rhythm, the lyrics, learning how to hear, listen, respond and interact, communicating your intent, connecting with the listener, opening to improvisation, choosing your material, using stage fright.... These are only a few of the issues facing every singer. Let's sing through them all. I am dedicated to helping singers of any style discover the ability to share what lies in their hearts, an unabashedly honest expression of a message of love and hope through the medium of music.

+ Guitar Lessons

A lot of guitarists are fascinated by the complex, one-man-band style that has become my specialty. On the other hand, my style is really a combination of all the different styles I studied before Patti and I met. As a result, I'll be happy, whatever your style, level or goal, to help you become musically more yourself and the best self-teacher you can be.

I've discovered that I have a gift for recognizing, defining and solving problems and for simplifying the complex. This translates into helping you to quickly demystify the fingerboard, visualize, internalize and master scales, arpeggios, chords and melodic patterns, understand harmony and its unique manifestation on the guitar, improve technique so it works for you rather than against you, increase speed, reach maximum expressive intensity, play with greater authority and stronger rhythm, improvise more successfully, perfect the links between ear, mind, fingers and heart and generally enjoy practicing and playing more than you ever have.

I should also mention Benson picking, because so many people have written to me about this: We tried very hard to take photos/videos to clarify the extremely analytical article I wrote, but without much success. In my experience, the best way to help somebody is to lean over them and let them see and feel my hand on their guitar from their normal viewing angle, comparing to their hand until we discover how best to apply the principles to their hand, body, playing style and guitar. There is always some unlearning involved, different for each person, and it really helps to pinpoint it, so you do not work against yourself without realizing it. I'll be happy to focus on this if you like. I'm as confident today about the transformational power of Benson's technique as I was 40+ years ago when it changed my life (thanks, George!).

+ Duo Lessons

No doubt you have noticed that improving as a duo is not as simple as becoming better individually then coming back together. We certainly have! The duo format is so intensely interactive, musically and personally, that it brings up lots of other issues, including collaboration, arranging, improvisation, texture, feel, sound, personalities, etc.

We've found that the best way to help duos is for all four of us to work together to pinpoint what you most need to work on, jointly and individually, to achieve your duo goal. We suggest an additional private lesson for each of you after the duo lesson to focus on how each of you can best work individually to serve the needs of your duo.

+ Skype Lessons

If it is not convenient for you to come to us, we can come to you via Skype!

+ Production Consultation

Today, with so many projects being self-produced in often less than optimal recording/monitoring conditions, it can be really useful to get a reality check at points along the way.

We will listen to your tracks/mixes and advise you on engineering/production details so you can perfect your recorded sound. Examples: We'll EQ/process your raw tracks as if mixing and explain what we're doing and why so you can dial up something similar yourself (of course we're particularly good at voices and guitars). Or we'll listen to demos or rough or final mixes and advise you about performance, arrangement, production, engineering, etc. We do this work jointly, just as we do for our own recordings, at our recording studio in Menlo Park, CA.

+ Skype Production Consultation

We can do this no matter where you are located. We will stream high-quality audio to you in real time while we Skype. We can listen to your music together, discuss it, demonstrate mix options, respond to your feedback, etc., in real time. The streaming audio latency between us and Italy, for example, is only about 5 seconds (Skype is typically less than one second). We worked together this way while mixing the first CD for Just Duet, an Italian duo, refining the most minute mix details in real time, even though they were at home in Italy. It is amazing how much it feels like physically being in the studio together. We would never have been able to collaborate remotely this fast or at this level of detail the old way (record/upload/download a mix with detailed documentation of all changes, wait for detailed feedback, remix a day or two later, repeat many times).

+ Produce, Record, Mix

We have a very high-level, audiophile recording studio where we can produce, record and mix your CD. We can also produce and mix via Skype or in a studio of your choice. We love helping others pursue their dreams as much as we love pursuing our own.

Consider recording your vocals in Patti's vocal booth: Patti will coach you to capture your best performances. Tuck will handle the engineering (recording, any editing).

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